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Ace Heating Solutions

Gas-fired copper coil water heaters, swimming pool heaters, storage tanks (glass, phenolic, and cement linings), storage water heaters, boilers.

Aero Tech

Hydronic radiant ceiling panels.


Console and stacked fan coil units, cabinet unit heaters, unit heaters, convectors, packaged vertical and horizontal air handling units.


Plate and frame heat exchangers, brazed and welded heat exchangers.


Pipe markers, valve tags, tape and underground caution tape, and equipment nameplates.


Booster pumping modules and heat transfer modules.

Colmac Coil Company

Replacement coils (all manufacturers), air handlers and condensers industrial refrigeration, fluid coolers.


Reliable flow control products built for your applications.


Boiler vent for category I, II, III, and IV gas fired appliances


Condensate units, boiler feed systems, pumps, and accessories

Federal Pump

Horizontal split case, end suction, boiler feed, condensate return, submersible & column type sump & sewage.


All types and styles of expansion joints and flexible connectors. Metal, rubber, and PTFE expansion joints and braided metal hose.

Garlock GST

Link-Seal wall penetration seals Pyro-Pac fire wall seals Wall Sleeves-Steel or plastic.

Griswold Controls

Automatic flow-control valves, hose kits, valve kit packages, and centrifugal solids separators.


Boiler sequencing/resent controls, snowmelt systems controls, set point controllers, tempering valves, and motorized 2, 3 and 4 way valves.

Industrial Flow Solutions

A leading designer and manufacturer of electric submersible pumps and controls. Stancor is qualified to provide both standard and customized systems to meet virtually any specification.


Tankless Water Heaters.

J. L. Wingert

Chemical pot feeders and water treatment systems.


Kampmann Trench heating & cooling with natural convection or fan-assisted units


High efficiency condensing boilers and boiler water heaters.


(formerly Dunham Bush @ Marshalltown) Steam traps, radiator valves, balancing, non-electric valves, specialties and repair parts.

Metraflex Company

Pump connectors (stainless steel and rubber), compensators, expansion joints and guides, Metraloops, silent check valves, strainers (pipeline), flow meters.


Standard and custom-build heating and cooling equipment for virtually any mechanical specification or architectural requirement.


Polymer concrete modular trench and grate-drainage systems.


Electric heating products.

Rovanco Corporation

Pre-insulated urethane foam, conduit, and containment piping systems.

Rhinoflex by Rovanco

Pre-insulated flexible PEX plastic underground piping system.

RM Manifold/US Draft

Daft inducers, dampers, and controls


Roof curbs and equipment rails.


Architectural flat tube steel radiators (steam and hot water).


Boiler vent for category I, II, III, and IV gas fired appliances. Grease duct, insulated stainless steel duct with outer casing.


Pressure and temperature plugs, gauges and thermometers/test kits.


Condensate Return, Boiler Feed Water Pumps.


Stelpro Electric Heating and Controls

Taco, Inc.

Base mounted and in-line pumps, heat exchangers, hydronic specialties, flow meters, circuit setters and zone valves (electric and non-electric), snowmelt and heat transfer modules, Vortech air separators.

ThermaFlo Engineering Company

Packaged Heat Transfer and Boiler Feed Systems including Deaerator Systems, Steam Fired Domestic Water Heaters, and Clean Steam Generators.


Steam traps, radiator valves, balancing, non-electric valves, specialties and repair parts.

Vibration Eliminator Company

Vibration isolation pump bases, fan and motor bases, isolation curbs and spring hangers.

Weiss Instruments

Pressure gauges and thermometers.


Provides complete line of hydronic heating products can meet your application needs.


Backflow Preventors, Relief Valves, Water Gauge Glass Sets (Conbraco), Butterfly Valves (Centerline), Bronze Strainers, Ball valves, Check Valves, Gate & Globe Valves, Fiberglass Tanks & Basins, Sewage & Sump Pits, Oil Separators, Control Panels (Sunbelt)